A harness for your dog

A collar, halti or "no pull" harness can cause pain and discomfort and lead to superstitious learning, whereby when a dog sees something (e.g. other dogs) he associates it with the pain and begins to become fearful of them.

A harness helps with loose lead walking. By attaching the lead to the clip on the chest area, when the dog pulls, it turns his body into you, helping with your loose lead walking training.

The harness I use is a TTouch harness. It does still slip if she were to pull on it, but not as much as previous harnesses we have tried.

TTouch harness

There is a cheaper copy of the same design on Amazon which I have not tried, which may suit those with a smaller budget. www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07RKKQJGF

An interesting addition to the harness options has been designed by a fellow IMDT trainer: https://baumutt.com/collections/frontpage This tightens to prevent the harness from slipping around.

For dogs who require assistance, you could try a Ruffwear harness as it has a back handle for help getting upstairs. These are also great for scrambling.

For dogs who need a little extra padding then the fleece-covered Xtra Dog Harness will be more appropriate.

Slim-Jim dogs and escape artists such as whippets and greyhounds will be more suited to the following http://www.sofadogwear.eu/detail.php?kategorie=36&id=1536
They still have a front clip option and are lightweight, but have an additional strap at the back to prevent escape.

All of these pieces of equipment won’t provide you with a dog who walks to heal but will assist you with your loose lead walking training.

For help with loose lead walking, email me for more information. You can also visit my Youtube channel where you will find some videos to get you started.

Follow the guidance on the website for measuring your dog. If your dog is very excited or nervous about being measured you can smear a little peanut butter or cream cheese on a lick mat or the floor to distract them whilst you take your measurements. You can use a soft tape measure or a piece of string that you measure against a regular tape measure. Measure twice to be sure!

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