A harness for your dog

The most common conversation I have with other dog walkers is about the harness my dog is wearing. I have an ‘easy to do’ well-trained Labrador, but when she was a teenager, she pulled me over on several occasions when she saw a squirrel or a ball. Even the most well-trained dog can lunge suddenly and unexpectedly. Being pulled over was frightening and painful and dangerous. At the time I still hadn’t found a harness I was happy with, I tried many, they broke or didn’t fit well, and in the end, we reverted back to using a flat collar. Then I discovered the TTouch harness and we haven't looked back.

Why do I like this harness?

  1. It's sturdy and didn’t break, even after several washes.
  2. I clip on to the front and now on the odd occasion she lunges for something, it turns her body into mine and doesn't give her the same strength and leverage she had with a collar or rear attachment harness.
  3. She walks beautifully in it. (After hours of loose lead walking training)
  4. It has two points of contact - the back and front, this is useful if you want to do any kind of long line work. You can clip the long line to the back.
  5. It does not restrict her movement due to it being slim and a ‘Y’ shape on her chest.
  6. If she did pull, then a harness won’t put any pressure on her neck, the soft tissues and thyroid gland. This means her brain is fully oxygenated, she will be less stressed, more eager to learn, and less reactive. When dogs feel pain, especially when pulling to see another dog, they can experience superstitious learning where they think the other dog caused the pain, leading to reactivity. This is why dog trainers love harnesses, positive experiences for your dog means positive thinking for your dog.

If you have a dog with a flatter face then something like the Ruffwear harness would be more suitable, and the same benefits apply.

For dogs who need a little extra padding then the fleece covered Xtra Dog Harness will be more appropriate.

For help with loose lead walking, email me for more information. You can also visit my Youtube channel where you will find some videos to get you started.

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