Training Consultation Questionnaire

About You

Dog's Details and Health

At Home

About your dog's day

Priority Issue

What was the main behaviour reason for wanting help with your dog?

Include details such as:
Where? When? With who?
What do you do or others do, before and after this occurs?
When did it start?
Are there times when behaviour is not a problem?
What do you think dog is doing it for?

History of Dog

What previous training have you or someone else done with your dog
What is your dog’s energy level
How does your dog react to children and people in general
How does your dog react to other dogs
Has your dog nipped or bitten a Human
Has your dog nipped or bitten another dog
Does your dog do any of the following
  • Excessive barking or howling
  • Object and/or food stealing
  • Problems sleeping
  • Pulling on the lead
  • Soiling in the house (urination, defecation, marking, etc)
  • Chasing (cars, people, other dogs)
  • Jumping up on guests or yourself
  • Running away
  • Guarding you, your family or objects
  • Overly submissive (seems shy or has little or no confidence)
  • Excessive itching or licking
  • Mouthing on hands, arms or clothing
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