Private Dog Training

£25 per hour

I will travel up to 30 minutes from Great Haywood to a location of your choosing.

We spend an hour observing, training and implementing some management ideas for the behaviour issue. Before our meeting, I will send you a questionnaire to complete, and this will give me more information to make an assessment and allow more time during our actual appointment for practical training.

This service can improve specific problem behaviours or general life skills for pet dogs.

Dog shaking humans hand

Dog Walking - Group

£10 per hour

Dogs are collected and dropped off in addition to the one hour walk.

Longer walks can be arranged for dogs who need more exercise. Dogs will be transported in my boot, secured using a grate. Smaller dogs will ride on the seat using a safety harness.

Throughout the walks, dogs are encouraged to recall using tasty treats and offered a drink and towel-dried before home time.

There is a maximum of 4 dogs per walk.

A cute puppy

Dog Walking - Solo With Training

£18 per hour

Perhaps your dog is reactive towards other dogs and needs some space? Or you would like me to train your dog for you whilst you are at work?

I can offer training walks where your dog can be socialised at a comfortable distance to other dogs, balls, traffic, shops, and meeting new people correctly. I will train your dog to walk on a loose lead and sit and stay when asked. I can help your dog overcome their reactivity with other dogs.

Training walks can be tailored to meet your dog's specific needs.

Cute dog with red lean in it's mouth

Puppy Home Visit

£20 per hour

I will come to your home and help you plan and prepare for your new arrival. Once they arrive, it is advisable to book another session to help work through any questions and problems. Having a puppy is like having a new-born, but the more preparation and control and management you can do leads to a better and more well-behaved dog in the long run. Start making those good habits now, and you will enjoy a lifetime of harmony with your dog.

An alternative to the pre-pup visit is my eBook on everything to prepare for your new puppy, which is coming soon.

A cute puppy
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